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Pardubice Castle is from many points of view a beatufiul historical monument. The Pernsteins had it built at the turn of 15th and 16th centuries. You won't find a similar castle with the typical big walls around it in the whole Czech Republic.

In the castle, there is a gallery and a museum of Eastern Bohemia with many permanent expositions well worth visiting. One of them is a collection of the mid-European postcards Orbis picturs, other is a unique collection of Czech studio glassware from 20th century. There is also a valuable collection of weapons and a new numismatic exposition.

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Historical city centre

You can reach the historical part of the city when you walk through the Green gate at Pernstynske square. There you can find several townhouses, St. Bartholomew's church or Church of the Annunciation. You can also go see the Dům u Jonáše (Jonas' house), the most remarkable baroque monument. In the city square, there is also a new town hall.

Interesting buildings from the 20th century

There are also a few interesting buildings from previous century to be found in Pardubice. One of them is a building of City savings bank, which is located next to the Green gate. On the right bank of Chrudimka river, there are Josef Gočár's mill and Crematorium of Pavel Janák.

Points of interest in region

Surrouding Pardubice, there are a couple more mentionable places. Amongst them there are Písníky u Mělic, Drain of Opatovice and stud farms in Kladruby nad Labem or in Slatiňany.

Other interesting monuments: