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Tipsport arena

Tipsport arena Pardubice is a high-quality multi-functional arena. It has a capacity of 10,300 spectators. To set the comfort level, there are cushioned seats and a big jumbotron with four wide screens and separated scoreboards. The arena has its own TV circuit, which allows fans to stay in touch with the game while being out of their seats. Tipsport arena also offers high comfort for V.I.P. visitors, wheelchair access and standard facilities for press and media. The northern part of the arena is where you can get food and beverages from a stylish hockey bar or Hattrick restaurant, from which you will also have a great view on the rink. The arena is surrounded with parking capacity up to 350 cars. 

In the underground level, there are dressing rooms, medical rooms, a gatehouse and a corridor that connects both rinks.

Tipsport arena Pardubice