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Tomas Wrobel after winning the bronze medal: It‘s unbelieveable

10. 6. 2017 | David Klier
Czech Republic won in the battle for the third place against Greece, bronze medals stay at home. Second goal from Tomas Wrobel in the tournament to make it 4:2 turned out to be the winning shot even though Greeks scored early in the last third of the match.

Win 4:3 over Greece, you have bronze medals. Is it atleast a little satisfaction after yestarday‘s loss against Slovakia?
It definitely is a little satisfaction. Of course, we came here with a different goal – to be first. We didn‘t manage that but as I said, medal is home, we want to enjoy it either way.

You scored two goals and got four assists in the tournament, are you happy with your performances?
I think that I could‘ve done a lot more. I‘m happy that I even was he, because I was supposed to undergo an operation with my shoulder, but the physio staff put me together and I‘m happy that I had the chance to be here and help my teammates.

How does it feel to score the goal, that leads to your country winning a bronze medal in the World Championships in front of your home crowd?
It feels great, but we were here as a team and not as individuals. We all won today, the fact that I scored a goal doesn‘t affect anything. We won and now we will enjoy it.

You only lost two games in the tournament, both after the shootout.
I think that we put in decent performances, we played good ball hockey. All the fans were satisfied, we only conceded a few goals in the tournament but then we didn‘t get into the final. It‘s unfortunate, because we only had problems with the shootout.

Almost the full Tipsport arena chanted your name.
It‘s something unbelievable, I enjoyed third tournament so much and not only me. Everyone is having a great time, because we probably won‘t archive this again. I want to thank everyone one more time for this awesome experience, I will never forget it.