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Overall, it was a good finish for us, Women‘s top scorer Rattray says

10. 6. 2017 | Marek Kratochvíl
She scored two goals in the bronze-medal game. The game-winner came in the second minute of period one from Jamie Lee Rattray, and even though Canada will miss out on the women’s final for the very first time, they are happy to finish the tourney with a victory.

“Obviously, we would have liked to play in the final but we had a tough loss last night and we gathered ourselves pretty well and to end the tournament on a high note was what we wanted,” Jamie Lee Rattray said with a bronze medal around her neck. “I’m really proud of this group. We got over yesterday, came together and played how we wanted today.”

It was first ever tournament in which Canada is out of the final game. “It’s tough. Obviously, you wanna play for first. But you also want to win your last game, that’s kind of the thing. It was a tough, long and a tiring tournament. I was really glad we kinda used each other as a team and came together at the right time to win that game,” she said shortly after clinching bronze.

Her goal set Canada ahead 84 seconds into the game and they never looked back. “It’s always nice if you get off to a good start. That’s what we wanted. We kinda kept going and going and going and they couldn’t catch up after that,” Rattray reviewed the game.

Team Canada — 2017 Women‘s Bronze Medalist

Canada actually lost to Slovakia with their opening game 2-1 after regulation, with Slovak goalie Zuzana Tomcikova the star of that game. “They have a really strong goalie and good defence overall. We came together and did what we needed to do. We finally figured it out by the end of the week. It’s a tough team to play so we’re kind of happy that we got our little redemption today,” she said of the payback from the first meeting.

Still, it’s not much if it’s not gold for team Canada. Rattray scored nine goals in her seven games but she would have give up on them for gold medal game. “I would have given anything to play for the gold medal, but I think overall it was a good finish for us. What a great group. I’m really proud of this group and I’m pretty proud to be a part of this team.”

Now the Final game will take place at the big stage. Will the Canadians watch it to find out who takes the gold this time? “Yeah, I think we’ll watch it. It will be hard to watch though. I think it will be a really hard-fought game. We have two really good teams going head to head so it will be interesting to see who wins,” she said and gave no prediction. “I don’t know. But either way it’s gonna be good for the sport of ball hockey. Whoever brings it more today is gonna win,” she thinks.