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All-stars and individual awards of the 2017 World Championship

10. 6. 2017 | Marek Kratochvíl
12th Ball Hockey World Championship is over and we now know all the individual award holders as well as the All-stars. Besides the top six players from all tournaments, there are also best players on their positions, most valuable players and Fair Play awards for teams with least penalties in minutes.

A pool World Championship

Ten national teams competed for the World Championship title in A pool. At start in two groups by five teams. In quarterfinal, last tournament‘s runner-up team USA was eliminated by Greece. The Greeks lost to Canada in semifinal while the other finalist was chosen in shootouts after a goalless game between the hosting Czech Republic and defending champion Slovakia. The Slovaks managed to get the win and went to play for third consecutive gold. They got it with a 6-4 victory over Canada in one of the best games of the tournament. Home team got Bronze with a win over Greece. Slovak goalie Stanislav Petrik was voted the most valuable player, Danick Martel of team Canada won the award for best forward while becoming the top scorer of tournament. Hosts had two players with the awards. Jan Pospisil became the best defenseman while Lukas Heczko appeared in all-stars team.

A pool Final standings
1st Slovakia
2nd Canada
3rd Czech Republic
4th Greece
5th USA
6th Portugal
7th Switzerland
8th India
9th Finland
10th Italy
11th France
12th Haiti

MVP: Stanislav Petrik (Slovakia)
Top scorer: Danick Martel (Canada)
Best goalkeeper: Stanislav Petrik (Slovakia)
Best defenseman: Jan Pospisil (Czech Republic)
Best forward: Danick Martel (Canada)

All-stars: Lukas Heczko (Czech Republic) – Brian Szolga (Canada), Patrick O‘Keefe (Canada) – Kevin Kuzmarski (Greece), Patrik Svitana (Slovakia), Jaroslav Martinusik (Slovakia)

Fair-play award: Team FINLAND

B pool World Championship

Most of the B pool games have been played in front of a great atmosphere in the small arena. Two teams, Haiti and France got their chance in the cross-over games with A pool, but couldn‘t slip through into quarterfinals. MVP was Martin Domian from team France, best forward Paul-Arthur Plaisir from Haiti. Both managed to get them teams into cross-over games.

B pool Final standings
1st Hong Kong
2nd Great Britain
3rd Armenia
4th Cayman Islands
5th Lebanon
6th Bermuda

MVP: Martin Domian (France)
Top scorer: Alexandre Haddad (Lebanon)
Best goalkeeper: Jean Francios Aumais (Armenia)
Best defenseman: Eric Armstrong (Cayman Islands)
Best forward: Paul-Arthur Plaisir (Haiti)

All-stars: Brian Marchetti (Great Britain) – Tom Worthington-White (Bermuda), Fabrice Decosse (Haiti) – Jess Tanguy (France), Christopher Morrison (Great Britain), Lokki Kwan (Hong Kong)

Fair-play award: Team GREAT BRITAIN

Women‘s World Championship

The Women‘s tournament was attended by six countries, four of them played in play-off round to compete for medals. The Czech Republic won the most precious one with USA finishing as a runner-up for the first time ever. Canada had to satisfy with Bronze while Slovakia finished without any medal for first time ever. Jamie Lee Rattray was outstanding in the stats with her 9 goals and 12 points. Katerina Zechovska was voted tournament‘s MVP with three shutouts. Denisa Krizova gets best forward award as she helped her country to seize gold with 5 goals on the way.

Women‘s Final standings
1st Czech Republic
2nd USA
3rd Canada
4th Slovakia
5th Italia
6th Great Britain

MVP: Katerina Zechovska (Czech Republic)
Top scorer: Jamie Lee Rattray (Canada)
Best goalkeeper: Zuzana Tomcikova (Slovakia)
Best defenseman: Kristen Cooze (Canada)
Best forward: Denisa Krizova (Czech Republic)

All-stars: Rachel Jackson (Great Britain) – Veronika Volkova (Czech Republic), Stephanie Caban (USA) – Taylor Stedman (USA), Lucie Manhartova (Czech Republic), Alicia Furletti Blomberg (Italia)

Fair-play award: Team GREAT BRITAIN